The book: women get alive - the iron code


It's all too much for me. I'm only 32 and my batteries are run down, I just feel like sleeping all the time. I often feel depressed for no reason at all and my self-esteem is at rock bottom. I can't cope with the children, they get on my nerves permanently, the whole family is affected and I'm at the end of my tether. I am so sorry, I wish it were different. I've stopped sleeping properly at night, which makes me feel even worse the next day, and there are even days on which I am unable to work at all. I hope I don't lose my job. My boss keeps asking me what's wrong. What should I tell him?


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Women get alive - the iron code

Dr. med. Beat Schaub

ISBN 10: 3-9523367-0-X

ISBN 13:9783952336700


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