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Women in age of menstruation


Elderly persons






The plant needs water

The human being needs iron

Iron deficiency is a global disease underestimated so far, which is not brought up for discussion by the universities unless an anemia is diagnosed.


30-50% of all people suffer from iron deficiency.


In the following, the female form is used - after all, 92% of those concerned are female.

Did you know it?


In 1957, the iron deficiency syndrome was described for the first time by the University of Innsbruck, in 1971, its existence was confirmed by the University of Charité in Berlin. In 2003, the University of Lausanne drew attention to it.


States of exhaustion, concentration disturbances, psychological instability till depressive moods, sleep disorders or headaches are typical iron deficiency symptoms, which traditional medicine does not yet assign to an iron deficiency syndrome.


In 2004, the issue started to gain recognition in Switzerland after its rediscovery by Dr. B. Schaub in Basel and his proof of the impact of iron infusions. It is meanwhile fanning out beyond the Swiss borders.


A network of so far 68 iron clinics assumes responsibility for competent diagnostics, therapy and a prevention of the health problem untaught by traditional medicine, with a proven high success ratio, security and cost-efficiency - from the perspective of the patients and of the attending physicians.


The treatment is carried out in the way as it has already been recommended by the University of Innsbruck in 1957 because of its large therapeutic success: with individually dosed and correctly executed short term iron infusions.







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