Iron Deficiency

180 functions of the human organism need iron.


Why is there a iron deficiency at 50% of mankind?

Functions of iron


Every nurse and every doctor knows that iron is needed for making red blood cells (Haemoglobin). This is without doubt the most important function of iron (oxygen transport). But no one learns at medical school that there are another 179 bodily functions which are dependent on the presence of sufficient iron. Of these 180 iron-dependent bodily functions, here are just seven:


Haemoglobin production


Myoglobin production


Energy production in the cells (mitochondria)


Hormone production


Keeping the immune system healthy


Breakdown of free radicals (toxins)


Formation of ground substance


So what will happen if some of these functions are shut down?




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Iron Deficiency Syndrome

Iron Overload

Functions of iron

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