Iron Deficiency

Iron overload is a rare phenomenon (hereditary disease).


Correctly executed iron infusions do not cause any risk .

Iron Overload


There is a hereditary iron accumulator illness: Haemochromatosis.


The iron absorption is increased in the small intestine, which leads to an increased iron storage. Damages usually only arise where the ferritin value is in excess of 1000 ng/ml during a longer period of time. 1 out of 5000 persons suffers from this disease.


There are two kinds of haemochromatosis:


The homozygote form exists where someone received the gene defect from both parents. The ferritin value of these persons usually exceeds 1000 ng/ml.


As for the heterozygote form, only one of the two chromosomes is concerned. In these cases, the ferritin value usually lies below the upper standard range of 400 ng/ml.


Iron infusions – assuming that they are correctly proportioned – do not cause an iron overload.

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